"My current body of work is focused on extending myself. I am focused on challenging the ways I approach line and texture and how quickly I approach catharsis and examination of freshly painful experiences through creating. Recurring imagery in my recent work includes insects, herbs/roots that are recorded to have medicinal or spiritual purposes and human subjects. Though there are lots of portraits in my work, works that resemble me are just that--I don’t consider them self-portraits because the subject is the subject, our separate existences help us both."


        Makeda Lewis is an artist and program coordinator living and working out of Atlanta. She creates contour drawings and multimedia pieces that explore varying tenets of human connection. Her published coloring book, Avie's Dreams, covers some recurrent themes, such as the life-death-life cycle, love, intergenerational relationships and forms in nature. Alongside her artistic practice, she is focused on engaging the public with art and art history in interesting and nuanced ways. This is the main focus of her programming work--to learn and share information and build appreciation in a way that is impactful and transcends the barriers many have to approaching art.


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